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“ LSIGraph Is Now SurgeGraph ”

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LSIGraph started off as a free LSI keyword generator tool. The aim was simple, to make semantic keyword research more accessible for the SEO community.

It marks the humble beginning of LSIGraph. The very first chapter to the eventual birth of SurgeGraph.


By this time, LSIGraph was generating tens of thousands of semantic keywords every single day! While not an astronomical figure, it was more than enough to rack up concerning operation cost.

An enhanced LSIGraph Premium version was launched as a counter measure. The launching was well acknowledged by our early adopters and that inspired us to do even more.


LSIGraph graduated into a full suite of On-page SEO tool. With brand new features like Content Writer and Keyword Planner, LSIGraph was poised to take your On-page SEO to the next level.

At this stage, what started off as a free tool has now powered…

Paid users and growing every day
130+ TB
SEO data in the quest of user empowerment
“ As we move into the 8th operation year, we’ve decided to evolve LSIGraph into SurgeGraph. ”

LSIGraph started off as a free SEO tool and has been the go-to LSI keyword tool for the SEO community since 2015. Today, 8 years after its inception, we are excited to announce that we are formally transitioning everything LSIGraph, to SurgeGraph.

Hold on! But why? We know you probably have some questions and in this post, we are going to answer them all. So strap on!

Why We’re Rebranding Into SurgeGraph

When we introduced the freemium model back in 2018 and received positive acknowledgement, it made us realised that: “we could be so much more as an SEO tool,” it planted the seed to what we are announcing today. Today, we are rebranding LSIGraph for a number of reasons:

LSI is no longer our core

The term LSI is no longer an accurate representation of who we are. With all of the updates we’ve rolled out, we have evolved into a comprehensive SEO tool that goes beyond LSI keywords.

Perfect timing for our new identity

We felt like it was just the right time to rebrand as we rework the app to focus on Content Delivery and other on-page SEO use cases.

SurgeGraph = Search Graph

Although it sounds silly, we love how the name SurgeGraph draws parallels to SEARCH. Not only do they sound similar, but we also know that the right keyword + optimized long-form content + content velocity = a Surging Graph (the Surge Effect)

To avoid unnecessary associations

For the sake of transparency, we need to admit that marketing is part of the reason for this change. LSI is a heated topic that attracts strong opinions, and since we have moved beyond that, there’s not much reason to stay associated.

Why “SURGE”?

So why SurgeGraph? Why did we choose the word surge, and what does it mean? What is the Surge Effect?

The word “surge” means “a sudden and great increase”, which is exactly what the word surge in SurgeGraph conveys.

By using our tool, we want our users to experience a surge in their traffic graph, hence SurgeGraph. Also, we want to coin this phenomenon as “the Surge Effect”—remember, you first heard this from us!

SURGEGraph’s New Mission

“Grow your organic traffic. FAST.”

Delivering the SURGE Effect will be our passion and mission moving forward as a team. Not only do we want you to see a surge in your traffic graph, we want you to achieve it fast. So we boil our mission down to: “Grow your organic traffic. FAST.”

And to achieve this mission, we’ll focus on three cornerstones for SEO success. It’s similar to our current one, but evolved into something even better.

The three cornerstones to SurgeGraph’s research and development will be to help users:

Choose the right keywords

This stays the same. We want you to be able to target the best keywords that answer user intent and give you a higher chance to rank.

Write long-form content that is the best in the Top 10

By analyzing what the Top 10 pages are doing, we want you to optimize your content so that yours is even better than the top-ranking pages.

Accelerate content velocity

To execute content velocity, you’d need to publish a lot of content in a short period of time. Hence, we want to help you create long-form content faster, while also have them strongly interlinked together.

In this new mission, we invite you to join us in this adventure, not just as a user, but also as someone to help us shape the future of the app, a future that will begin with…

What’s The Near Future Like For SurgeGraph

  • A revamped brand identity, brand new logo, advanced UI framework, and fresh brand messages.

    Naturally, with a new brand, comes a new set of brand identity. Let us celebrate the born of our new logo. *Drum roll….*

    We are going to explain the brand identiy, design framework, and the logo story in an upcoming post, so my fellow designer friends, stay tuned for that!

  • To focus on our brand promise “Grow your organic traffic. FAST.”

    To fulfill this promise, the app will be developed with this roadmap in mind:

    SURGEGraph Outline and Brief Builder

    The Outline Builder will generate outlines and briefs for you to start writing right away. So, instead of spending hours analyzing the SERP to build your outline, we aim to cut it down to minutes. We also want it to be your go-to brief builder when you are dealing with an outsourced writer, so ease of sharing will also be part of the consideration.

    SurgeGraph BigData & AI-powered Writing Assistant

    The Writing Assistant will write your long-form content for you from scratch. This is in line with one of our mission to help you achieve content velocity, by enabling you to produce more long-form content in a shorter time. This means you no longer have to spend hours upon hours working on a single piece of content, and instead let the Writing Assistant do the bulk of the work for you.

    SurgeGraph Automated Topic Clustering

    Topic Clustering helps you cover a topic in depth to build your context relevancy and increase your authority. It also allows you to plan and build your internal links for a better site architecture.

    Reorganized Workflow and User Experience

    As we include new modules into the app, we want to integrate all features into a seamless workflow with an intuitive UI. This means you won’t have to worry about doing any gruntwork, and just focus on strategizing while having the smoothest experience on the app.

    Grow The Operation

    We have always been a very lean team and we’ve done great things. But with this new milestone, we are looking to scale up the operation to do even more amazing things. We wish to tap into not just local, but also international talent. From app development, to data scientist, to sales, to marketing, if you are passionate about our mission and believe you are a good fit to our upcoming adventure, we are just an email away.

How Will This Change Affect Me?

We know change can be disorienting at times. We embrace familiarity, and drastic changes can throw us off. So if you’re currently one of our awesome subscribers, we want to assure you that you’ll essentially still be using the same tool, just a better version of it, with a (slight) change in name and logo. Even with our great plans laid ahead, we’ll make sure to provide all the support and resources you need so that you can familiarize yourself with any changes we’ll make.

And most importantly, you don’t have to worry about paying even a penny more. Your subscription plan will remain the same, and you’ll enjoy the same access you currently have.

Farewell, LSIGraph. Welcome, SurgeGraph.

LSIGraph has come a long way, from being just a keyword research tool to the more comprehensive SEO tool that it is today. And this was all possible thanks to the support from our users.

So we’d like to say thank you. Thank you for playing a big part in growing LSIGraph to what it is today. Truthfully, it would not have been possible without the support and feedback we’ve received throughout all these years. Hence, we’d like to see this rebranding as a tribute to our amazing subscribers, and to provide you with the best SEO tool there is.

Saying goodbye to LSIGraph isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be sad. Knowing that this change is for the best, we feel excited to start a new journey with SURGEGraph, hopefully with your patience and unwavering support.

So here’s to a great start to SurgeGraph, with every one of you.

With love and passion,

Sara & Team SurgeGraph

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