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Longform AI

Generate SEO-optimized, long-form content in minutes

Save hours and days of your time by using Longform AI to instantly generate 3,000-word articles in minutes.

Publish more content faster, and see your traffic grow like never before.

Outline Builder

Easily craft well-researched and in-depth outlines

Accelerate your outline writing process by building in-depth outlines in minutes. 

Instantly discover top topics, popular questions, frequently linked pages, and Contextual Terms found on high-ranking pages so you can include them in your own content.

AI Writing Assistance

Fine-tune and rewrite sentences without losing context

Easily polish your content while preserving its overall context by getting AI to rewrite sentences to include Contextual Terms, paraphrase, expand, and simplify sentences, and more.

What’s more, customize your content’s tone, creativity, readability, and more so that it reads like a human wrote it. Who says AI-generated content needs to be monotonous and robotic?

Topic Coverage

Build topical authority and steal the spot of the Top 10 pages

Instantly measure your content’s topical depth compared to the top-ranking pages with the Topic Coverage meter. Quickly strengthen your topic coverage by including topics covered by the Top 10 pages in your content.

Aim for the highest topic coverage to establish your site as the Topical Authority and claim that spot on the first page of Google.

Contextual Terms

Create contextually-relevant content that Google likes

Enhance your content’s relevance by including Contextual Terms, keywords most commonly used by the top pages.

Follow the suggested optimal frequency to get Google to understand what your content is all about. If Google gets what your content is about, Google will rank it on top.

Examples Of Use

Draw inspiration from the best and do better

Avoid resorting to mindless and irrelevant keyword stuffing when you’re stumped on where to incorporate Contextual Terms in your content.

Brainstorm and get ideas on how to use Contextual Terms in your content by observing how top pages use them in their own with Examples of Use.


Maximize your content’s SEO with score-guided optimization

Instantly gauge your content’s optimization level with the Content Score that updates as you write.

Easily boost your Content Score by checking off a list of actionable SEO items suggested by the Content Writer. Even better, save hours of your time and effort by having Longform AI’s Auto-Optimizer automatically optimize your content for you.

SERP Analyzer

Benchmark and model your content after the top-ranking pages

Gain insights into the content gap between you and the top-ranking pages. Learn precisely how many words, headings, paragraphs, and more you should use.

Moving up the SERP is now a simple three-step process: benchmark, optimize, and outrank.


Simplify publishing and reporting processes

Instantly export your content to WordPress or download it in your desired format with the click of a button.

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