Keyword Research

Skyrocket your ranking with the power of profitable keywords

Research keywords with the best potential to rank for

Find profitable contextual keywords that push you to the Top 10 on SERP

Discover untapped topics for your target keyword

Analyze top-ranking pages to exploit their secret keywords

Match your content with the intent of your target audience

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Streamline your content strategy with Keyword Research

Opportunity Score

Always choose the right keywords with Opportunity Score (OS)

SurgeGraph’s proprietary Opportunity Score (OS) helps you easily spot low-hanging keywords to rank for. These are keywords that would give you the most traffic with the least effort.

If you don’t have the time or resources to tussle for the popular keywords, aim for these high-opportunity keywords to maximize your ROI.

Long-Tail Keywords

Discover long-tail keywords that net you high conversion traffic

People who search for long-tail keywords already know what they want. Targeting long-tail keywords will bring you higher quality traffic that is much closer to conversion.

Skip the hassle of trawling through an endless amount of keywords to look for long-tailed keywords. Filter for relevant long-tailed keywords with a single click in SurgeGraph.

Keyword Intent

Match your audience's search intent

Hitting the right intent is key to a high SERP ranking. Google’s algorithm is highly attuned to deciphering the searcher’s intent and rewards content that answers it.

Find keywords with matching traffic’s intent, create highly relevant content for your readers and Google’s algorithm, and rank high in the SERPs.

SERP Analyzer

Replicate and take advantage of proven ranking strategies

Learn from the best if you want to be the best.

SERP Analyzer analyzes and plots how your competitors structure content intent, word count, readability, and five other key ranking metrics.


Rest assured that you will have all the correct recipes to stand among the titans of the SERPs.

Topic Clustering

Find your next winning content with topic clustering

Are you scrolling through a long list of related keywords to get inspired for your next content? That sounds like a chore.

SurgeGraph saves you the trouble of manual work by automatically grouping semantically similar keywords into different topic clusters.

Now, figuring out what to write next is as simple as two clicks in SurgeGraph.

Bulk Keyword Research

Save valuable time by getting bulk keyword data in one click

You have a long list of keywords to research? No worries.

You can insert or import your keywords into SurgeGraph’s Bulk Keyword Research to get keyword data for up to 500 keywords in one go.

Add Keyword To Planner

Efficiently organize and keep track of your favorite keywords

Say goodbye to organizing your keywords manually in spreadsheets.

You can now save all your favorite keywords in one centralized dashboard. Manage multiple projects, export white-labeled reports, do them all with SurgeGraph Planner.

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