Long-Form Content Generation

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Longform AI

Accelerate content production and traffic growth

Longform AI generates one piece of long-form content in minutes, meaning you can get tens, hundreds of articles in just one week.

Speed up your content publishing and witness how fast your traffic can grow.

Outline Builder

Bypass research and draft outline faster

Skip the hours-long research process and instantly build outlines jam-packed with topics and details extracted from top-ranking pages.

Even better, have Longform AI generate your outline for you so you can start writing immediately.


Efficiently optimize content to rank on the SERP

Measure your content’s SEO readiness level with Content Score and easily optimize it by following a list of suggestions aimed at ranking your content on the first page of Google.

For even faster results, get your content automatically optimized for you with Longform AI’s Auto-Optimizer.

Topic Coverage

Boost your content authority in the eyes of Google

Gauge and maximize your topic coverage level by covering all topics covered by the Top 10 pages.

Effortlessly create in-depth content that is highly informative and see your content become the go-to source of information recognized and recommended by Google.

SERP Analyzer

Replicate the winning strategies of top-ranking pages and outperform them

Access valuable insights into what strategies the top pages employ to get to where they are.

Cover the same topics, link to the most frequently-linked to pages, and answer the most pressing questions to surpass the Top 10 pages and steal their spot on the first page of Google.

AI Writing Assistance

Easily customize content to perfection

Get AI assistance with expanding and improving your content until it meets your standards.

Rewrite sentences to include Contextual Terms or custom keywords, paraphrase sentences you want to improve, simplify complex sentences so that it’s easier to read, expand short sentences for more context, and more.

Personalize each and every sentence, paragraph, or overall article by adjusting the AI’s tone, creativity, readability, and length settings.

Meta Generator & Plagiarism Checker

Ensure content is publish-ready and original

Instantly generate an enticing meta description optimized for Google with the Meta Description Generator and publish right away.

Ensure your content is unique to avoid Google’s duplicate content penalty by checking for any traces of plagiarism with the Plagiarism Checker.

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Get Long-Form Content In Minutes

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1 day
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Research + Outline
1 min
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