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A New Way To Grow Your Organic Traffic. FAST.

Achieve the Surge Effect™ easily, even if you have not done it before.

Here’s to all SEOs, business owners, agencies, marketers, writers, bloggers, — heck, anyone who wants to grow their organic traffic or needs long-form content in their line of work:

Do you find yourself relating to AT LEAST ONE of the below scenarios?

  • Your page isn’t ranking anywhere, you’re not getting any traffic, and your business isn’t growing
  • You’ve forked out a lot of money for countless SEO tools and agencies, yet none of them paid off — your site is still ranking at page 10.
  • You’ve tried SEO-ing your content yourself — spending time and money on webinars and courses, but still have zero clue on what to optimize and how to improve your rankings.
  • You spend hours optimizing your content manually because the SEO tool you use offers little to no guidance in how to actually do it
  • You get writer’s block: the bane of every writer’s existence. As much as you will the pen to move, or the blank screen to come to life, you’re stuck at 20/2,000 words.
  • You’re always pinched for time — it takes days to write good-quality long-form content, but deadlines don’t accommodate that.
  • You always get low-quality , shallow content from freelance writers you hired or content generators you paid for.

If you do, at some point, you might think:

“There’s got to be a better, faster way of writing long-form content that can rank high”

Here's the good news: there is.

Meet Longform AI, the content buddy you’ve always dreamed of

Longform AI writes long-form content for you from scratch, in minutes.

And when I say long-form content, I don’t mean a measly 500-word article.

We’re talking about articles with over 2,500 words.

And this is not just any random piece of content. Using 50+ SERP data points from SurgeGraph’s SEO toolsets, Longform AI is powered to generate content made to rank.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we?

There are tons of AI writing tools out there — I know that, you know that, your dog knows that.

But honestly? They suck — believe me, I’ve tried them all.

Most other AI writings tools:
  • Don’t actually write long-form content (at most, they give you hundreds of words)
  • Want to do EVERYTHING under the sun (from emails to lyrics, really?), resulting in mediocre results
  • Don’t have built-in SEO functionalities — you gotta integrate a third-party SEO tool (more money, great)
  • Produce thin content with no depth
  • Offer zero help in researching information
  • Produce lame content outlines even a fifth-grader can come up with

And with all these in mind, we developed Longform AI to address the weaknesses of other AI writing tools while also solving all your content problems.

Longform AI is the only AI writing tool you will ever need”

With Longform AI, you have everything you need for long-form content that will rank high and grow your traffic.

Why? Let’s go over 7 undisputed reasons why we dare say so!

1. Writes Thousands of Words Without Going Off Topic

With Longform AI, you’re getting actual long-form content with thousands, not just hundreds of words.

And to make sure your content isn’t a disjointed piece of mix-and-match paragraphs put together, it’s trained to preserve the context by using SurgeGraph’s proprietary Contextual Terms.

Contextual Terms are powerful keywords extracted from top-ranking pages using our NLP model, where incorporating them in your content optimally helps boost your content relevance in the eyes of Google.

And if Google understands your content and deems it relevant, Google will definitely rank it.

2. Born For One Purpose: High-Quality Long-form Content

Let’s be real: which one is more challenging to write:


Long-form in-depth content with 3,000 words like blog posts and articles


Short-form content with 150 words like social media posts or emails

Obviously, long-form content takes the cake. It’s way more demanding and requires more time and effort.

But there’s something more important here:

Long-form content is more rewarding in terms of SEO

Long-form content is what determines your ranking performance on search engines, not short-form.

An in-depth article is what’s gonna rank on the SERP and bring you traffic.

A short-form content, on the other hand… not so much.

With this in mind, Longform AI specializes on what really matters: long-form content.

All of its resources are dedicated to produce long-form content, and long-form content only.

3. A Powerful Fusion of AI & Advanced SEO

The thing with long-form content is that, no matter how well-written and helpful it is, if you’re not optimizing it for search engines, it’s going nowhere.

Most tools out there are either an AI writing tool or an SEO tool, and seldom both.

Finding an AI writing tool with SEO features is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Which is why you stumbling on this page is like standing on a goldmine.

Not only are you getting an AI content generator, but you’re also getting a full-suite of SEO tools included.

Longform AI is integrated with 50+ SERP data points to produce SEO-optimized content ready to take the search engine rankings by storm.

4. Writes In-depth Content So Good That Even The Pros Are In Awe

Longform AI empowers you to publish the best content among the top 10 pages for your keyword.

By analyzing the top-ranking pages, Longform AI gathers all topics covered by these pages and presents them to you in seconds.

That means you save hours of your time researching the SERP for information and can simply add topics you like to your content.

With the help of the Topic Coverage meter, you’ll be able to gauge your coverage depth, and identify if you’re missing valuable topics covered by the top pages.

By covering all topics mentioned by the top 10 pages comprehensively, your content stands a chance to be the best among the best, gain Google’s trust as the topical authority, and rank on the top spot of Google page 1.

5. Crafts Content That Crushes The Top 10 At Their Own Game

One of the first SEO tips you’ll get from SEOs to improve your site’s standing is to research what your competitors are doing on their site, replicate their winning strategies, and do even better.

While it might be doable on your own, it takes a lot of time and effort studying the SERP.

To boost your efficiency, SurgeGraph does this for you in record time so you don’t have to.

By studying the SERP, SurgeGraph gathers burning questions readers have so you can answer them in your content.

By analyzing top-ranking pages, SurgeGraph obtains the most frequently linked sites so that you can cite them as well and be associated with high-authority sites.

6. Curates The Finest & Extensively-Researched Outlines

While generative AI is meant to be able to produce content from scratch, in order to get the best-quality output, you’d need to prime it with highly-specific prompts and instructions.

With the Outline Builder, you’ll be able to customize and tailor the exact long-form content you want with rich data and information compiled from top-ranking pages and the SERP.

7. Allows Granular Control of Your Content At The Teeny Tiniest Level

Because you don’t get much control with other AI writers, they have the tendency to go off track, resulting in content that doesn’t meet your expectations.

But with Longform AI’s Expert Command, you have granular control over your content.

You get to fine-tune specific elements of your content so that it ticks all the right boxes and fully resonates with your target audience.

You can use custom commands to present information in an easy-to-read format with bullet lists and tables, boosting reader engagement and dropping bounce rates by 50%.

You can also solidify your content’s credibility and reliability by commanding Expert Command to insert statistics and evidence to support your arguments.

“ The new (and fastest) way to do SEO:

SurgeGraph has always been an SEO tool at its core.

By launching Longform AI, we embraced AI while still maintaining our SEO roots. So as awesome as automated content generation is, we couldn't help but think:

“Why STOP at content generation
when we can automate SEO optimization too?”

Hey, if there’s anything that should be automated, optimization for SEO should be at the top of the list, right?

If you do content and SEO in any capacity, more often than not, you probably end up in this situation:

  • The AI writing tool you use doesn’t offer any help in SEO, so you gotta hop over to SEO tools to optimize your content…
  • …but SEO tools only give basic optimization recommendations without much guidance on how to actually implement them. They throw hundreds of keywords your way, leaving you stumbling in the dark on how to actually incorporate those keywords in your content.
If this rings a bell in your head, you’re in a for a ride.

Let me introduce you to the new way to do SEO: “ Auto-Optimization ”

“ Say bye-bye to manual optimization with the

Remember the frustrating times where you spent hours writing and rewriting your titles because it’s neither optimized for SEO nor catchy enough to get people clicking through to your site?

Or those days where you spent days racking your brain trying to somehow include new keywords into your content?

Hey, you can leave those days in the past now that the Auto-Optimizer is here.

The Auto-Optimizer analyzes your content and instantly identifies optimization opportunities that can improve your content’s performance on the SERP.

And here’s the best part: instead of telling you what to do, the Auto-Optimizer does your optimization for you.

The Auto-Optimizer automatically optimizes your content so that it ranks in the top 10 and drives that massive traffic you’ve been waiting for.

Let’s go over
5 content optimizations
that the Auto-Optimizer automates for you:

SurgeGraph's Auto Optimizer

1. Optimizes your title based on your target keyword so that both Google and people like it

Titles are a ranking factor, meaning optimizing it gives your page a boost to rank higher in the SERP.

In one click, the Auto-Optimizer optimizes your title based on your target keyword and the top 10 pages, so that not only Google likes it, it also stands out in the SERP and gets people clicking on it.

The results? Your page climbs the rankings and attracts traffic like never before.

2. Optimizes your URL slug for Google to give you a competitive edge

Google appreciates pages with clear and concise URL slugs, because it makes it easier to understand and crawl them. URL slugs are also a great and legit opportunity to include your target keyword.

Therefore, the Auto-Optimizer automatically optimizes your URL slug to make sure it aligns with your target keyword and follows best practices, saving you precious time trying to brainstorm and manually tweak your slug.

This ensures your URL slug appeals to Google’s algorithm and is reader-friendly.

3. Intelligently incorporates Contextual Terms so that Google gets what your content is all about

Using high-value keywords like Contextual Terms amplifies your content relevancy in the eyes of Google, which gives it a boost to rank higher in the SERP.

However, it can get tricky trying to add keywords into your content — it takes up way too much time and can make your content sound weird and clunky.

Hence, the Auto-Optimizer eliminates the brainwork needed for this. It searches for the best places to insert Contextual Terms in your content and does it seamlessly without sacrificing the quality of your content.

4. Inserts outbound links to reputable sites to build your credibility

Linking to high-authority sites sends a signal of trustworthiness to Google, giving your content a good push to rank better. It also makes it easy for your readers to get more information by attributing relevant sources.

Therefore, the Auto-Optimizer looks for authoritative and frequently linked-to sites by the top 10 pages and automatically adds external links to those same sites into your content.

If you haven’t been in the loop, Google is really big on using good and descriptive anchor texts, which is why the Auto-Optimizer is powered by SurgeGraph’s NLP and AI with data trained on the SERP’s top 10 to use the best keywords as anchor texts.

5. Decorates your text to keep readers engaged and glued to your page

Nothing is a bigger eye sore than a long bock of text without any sort of visual appeal. It’s also part of what sends visitors running from your page due to how boring it looks.

To counter this, the Auto-Optimizer adds relevant text decorations like bold and italics to emphasize important information and key points. 

This ehances your content’s user experience and readability, which gets people to stay instead of bouncing back to the SERP. Needless to say, this sends a good ping to Google to rank your content higher.

Longform AI is everything ChatGPT isn’t ”

At this point, you might be thinking:

“Why would I ever use Longform AI when there’s ChatGPT?”

  • ChatGPT is not capable of writing true long-form content

    Its responses are limited to a maximum of 500 words, meaning you would need countless prompts, copy-pasting, and editing to get to 3,000 words.

  • ChatGPT does not produce SEO-optimized content

    ChatGPT has no SEO capabilities, meaning it does not write content with SERP rankings in mind.

  • ChatGPT-generated content sounds robotic

    As impressive as ChatGPT’s responses can sound, anyone can tell it’s AI-generated due to its monotonous and emotionless nature.

  • ChatGPT requires multiple prompt revisions to get your desired output

    Since ChatGPT does not know the context of your content, you have to rewrite your prompts many times just to get an output that is relevant to your content.

Keeping ChatGPT’s limitations in mind, Longform AI goes above and beyond what ChatGPT can do.

Here’s what sets Longform AI apart from ChatGPT:

1. Longform AI is wayyyy more than just GPT

Longform AI doesn’t solely rely on GPT — you might as well use ChatGPT for that. Instead, Longform AI uses SurgeGraph’s own NLP algorithm that combines the powerful GPT model and also 50+ SERP data points. This algorithm is what gives Longform AI the ability to produce top-notch, SEO-optimized content.

2. Longform AI produces content that Google can’t resist to rank

If you want just a random piece of content that doesn’t rank and brings no traffic, you’ve got ChatGPT for that. But if you desire content that’s optimized to rank on the first page of Google and drive traffic, Longform AI has you covered. Backed by SurgeGraph’s decade-long SEO expertise in keyword research and content optimization, Longform AI takes content generation to the next level by automatically optimizing it for SEO.

3. Longform AI writes content that humans love to read

While ChatGPT produces repetitive and dull content, Longform AI is specifically designed to write engaging and original content that reads like a human wrote it. Using advanced NLP techniques, Longform AI imitates the tone, sentence structures, and character of human writing. So if you’re looking for content that sounds like it was written by a machine, ChatGPT is the way to go. However, if you want dynamic and captivating content, Longform AI is your friend.

4. Longform AI is not stingy with the word count

Instead of the hassle of endless prompts and copy-pasting to get long-form content with ChatGPT, you only need a single click for a 3,000-word article with Longform AI. The choice is yours: 500 words with ChatGPT or unlimited words with Longform AI.

5. Longform AI runs custom commands with the best output relevancy

Longform AI’s Expert Command uses NLP techniques to run your custom commands, resulting in outputs that are highly relevant to your content. This means you get the best output without having to repeatedly tweak your commands.

In just 3 steps, get SEO-optimized long-form content with Longform AI

It might be daunting to take on a completely new tool you’re not familiar with.

Which is why we’ve made it so that Longform AI is so intuitively easy to use, you won’t have to spend time reading through page after page of tutorials just to generate your content.

I’ll show you how in just 3 steps (and a few minutes), you’ll get that highly-optimized long-form content.

1. Build your outline

Longform AI works best when primed with an in-depth outline. With the AI-powered Outline Builder, structure your content with top topics, popular questions, frequently-linked sites, and Contextual Terms extracted from the Top 10 pages. Better yet, skip all the work and let Longform AI generate a complete, in-depth outline for you.

2. Write in one click

With your outline complete, simply click on “Write For Me” and wait for Longform AI to work its magic. In seconds, you get a full-length long-form content written for you.

3. Auto-optimize for SEO

Instantly boost your Content Score by activating the Auto-Optimizer to automatically optimize your title and add Contextual Terms, external links, and text decorations in minutes.

4. Review, embellish, and publish your content

Finally, review the generated content and enhance specific parts of your content using Expert Command. Make sure it’s publish-ready by generating a compelling, SEO-optimized meta description. Once you’re happy, simply export and publish — in seconds.

“And that’s pretty much it — writing your long-form content that normally takes days, now gets done in a few minutes, and even fewer clicks.”

Conquer The 3 Cornerstones of SEO Success With SurgeGraph

From our 9+ years of experience, we know that conquering these 3 SEO cornerstones will always win with Google: keywords, content silo, and content velocity.

With Longform AI, you already know you’ve got the content velocity part of SEO down. But together with SurgeGraph’s Keyword Research Tool and Planner, you’ll conquer all three SEO cornerstones.

Keyword Research

Target The Most Valuable Keywords

  • Identify popular keywords with accurate search volume data
  • Select keywords with the best chance of success with Opportunity Score
  • Fully satisfy user query using keywords with relevant Search Intent

Structure Website With Content Silos

  • Visually plan internal links with a drag-and-drop function
  • Create content silos that help Google discover and rank pages
  • Build authority using pillar pages with topic clusters

Longform AI accelerates your content velocity and traffic growth

There might be a part of you reading this that has reservations about AI writing or don’t see what the whole deal is about.

You might think that AI-generated content lacks quality and depth, and that you could probably write better content.

While that may be the case for other AI writing tools, Longform AI was built to specifically overcome these hurdles.

For the best quality content, Longform AI uses SurgeGraph’s NLP algorithm to enhance the coherence, relevance, and clarity of the generated content by intelligently incorporating Contextual Terms

Likewise, features like topic suggestions and research from top-ranking pages help you thoroughly explore your main topic and ensure the depth of your content.

But that’s not all. There’s another big upside to AI writing:

“Longform AI accelerates your content velocity.”

Put simply, content velocity is the speed at which your website produces content.

While a human writer takes about 3 days to write a 3,000-word article, Longform AI takes minutes.

Longform AI writes content exceptionally faster than humans, meaning you can publish more content way faster.

So how does this help you with rankings and traffic?

The concept is easy, really.

Well, by putting out more great content, you can optimize them to secure high rankings, and in return, gain volumes of traffic from each content.

Multiply that by how many new content you’re producing, and you get The Surge Effect.

In fact, it is also known that Google likes fresh websites that update regularly — Google allocates higher crawl budgets (the number of pages Google crawls in a period of time) to these websites and ranks them better. 

Publishing frequently also means you get to delve deeper into a wider range of topics, which helps build your topical authority and establishes your website as the go-to source of information.

Naturally, this leads to your website getting higher rankings, traffic, and citations (aka backlinks).

Now, before you say it, yes, quality over quantity is a legit point.

But it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Conquering BOTH quality and quantity will tip the scales in your favor and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Let's take a look at two different websties

Assuming both websites produce high-quality content, who do you think will gain more traffic?

  • 1. Website A with only 1 content per week
  • 2. Website B with 10 content per week

Obviously, Website B with 10x the amount of high-quality content will see an exponential difference in their traffic growth.

Successful stories of the content velocity strategy

Let’s look at 2 success stories of a business owner and SEO professional who implemented the content velocity strategy and achieved The Surge Effect.

Adam, Business Owner

Adam was excited to start his online fitness coaching business.

He created a website and started posting articles about fitness and nutrition on his blog — in hopes readers would then sign up for his coaching services.

The progress was slow — he didn’t have the funds to hire a writer, so he did the writing himself, despite not being a proficient writer. He also had other things to do on top of that.

He managed to publish 1 blog post per month. He was optimistic that, in time, his traffic would naturally grow, and he would start seeing revenue come in.

Adam waited for months — the traffic never came. He barely had customers.

Feeling helpless, Adam searched high and low for something that would turn things around. That’s when he found out about SurgeGraph and the content velocity strategy.

Adam decided to give it a try — he had nothing to lose at that point. He went from publishing just 1 post per month, to publishing 20 high-quality, optimized articles every month.

Adam managed to achieve The Surge Effect. In just a few months, his traffic increased from basically zero to thousands. And as a result, his revenue increased by 103% as more people signed up for his online coaching services.

Grace, SEO Specialist

Grace is the SEO specialist in a mid-sized marketing firm.

One day, she was tasked to optimize a client’s website that wasn’t gaining any traffic. The client was on the verge of closing down their website and calling it quits.

After auditing their website, Grace instantly figured out what the problem was: they barely had content, and the few they had were poor in quality and not optimized for search engines.

Grace knew they needed more high-quality and SEO-optimized content, fast.

But Grace felt like she was trying to move mountains. How was the client supposed to write a lot of great content in a short time?

Right then, Grace found out about the content velocity strategy and decided to give it a shot with SurgeGraph.

In just a month, her client managed to publish 50 new long-form, optimized articles with SurgeGraph.

As a result, her client’s daily traffic increased from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of visitors.

By accelerating content velocity, her client managed to accomplish The Surge Effect and salvage her dying business.

Both saw tremendous success with the content velocity strategy
— now, so can you.

Would you like to SURGE your traffic?

With Longform AI, accelerate your content velocity by 10x and see your website achieve The Surge Effect = a surging growth in your organic traffic in record time.

“Get your SurgeGraph plan and achieve The Surge Effect, today.”

Before Longform AI

  • 1 blog post per week

    Limited resources hindered faster content production

  • SERP ranking: #60

    Rankings barely improved after time and effort spent

  • <1,000 organic traffic

    Traffic remained stagnant and low due to poor rankings and minimal content

  • Stagnant business growth

    Business never took off due to non-existent traffic

After Longform AI

  • 25 blog posts per week

    Easily speed up content production without spending a fortune on writers

  • SERP ranking: #5

    Ranking shoots up with SEO-optimized, high-quality content

  • 150,000+ organic traffic

    Traffic explodes from improved rankings and abundant content

  • Booming business growth

    Business sees major growth due to exponential increase in traffic-turned-clients

Surge Your Traffic Now

Let the numbers speak for SurgeGraph

9+ years

of SEO experience


marketers' choice of SEO tool


rating on G2


content optimized

5 billion+

keyword returned


countries supported

Hear it from some of SurgeGraph’s 6000+ successful customers

4.8 rating

“Freaking awesome tool — a must-have for keyword research and content creator”

Everything is well and easy to use, even for beginners. The output of keywords and especially the "missing keywords" to rank better than your competitors is insane. Support was very responsive and helpful. I have many keyword research tools, but SurgeGraph is my first weapon to find low-hanging fruits and write better ranking content. It's an all-in-one place, like a swiss army knife for better content creating. I highly recommend SurgeGraph 👍


"The best parts of many SEO content tools rolled into one platform!"

Everything is well thought out. The speed of the platform makes for a great user experience. The interface is snappy and responsive, and the data is pulled pretty quickly compared to other tools I've used.

SurgeGraph offers a seamless and intuitive workflow that allows users to move easily from keyword research to content creation and optimization — all without ever leaving SurgeGraph.

Jeremy W., Creative Director

“Pleasant experience & stellar results with SurgeGraph”

It used to be only a keyword research tool, but after the upgrade, I find myself using their content writer more and more to optimize my articles. The results after a couple of months? Of course, not all of them are in the top 3; but a huge chunk of them are safely in the top 20 and sometimes even the top 5 range. I would say this is stellar performance for the niche I am in.

Dee Robinson

"Excellent Keyword Research and Content Strategy Tool"

Being an SEO professional, I used SurgeGraph to inspire contextual terms. However, they (very) quickly improved the entire platform and now it's a go-to tool for most of my content-related projects. Their keyword research tool and A.I. writing assistant provide invaluable information when planning or developing content from an SEO perspective.

Matt F., Freelance SEO & Content Specialist

"All you need for perfect article writing"

The support team is very helpful and ready to help with suggestions 1 to 1. SurgeGraph allows many ways to do keyword research and dig through the beget long-tail keywords that can be used to get extra ranking and traffic. It also includes a very powerful writing tool that allows you to create blog articles perfectly on topic. In addition, SurgeGraph also has an incredible keyword mapping tool that is perfect to organize internal linking and keywords clusters, to maximize the results on the SERP.

Francesco M., CEO

Supplement your SEO strategy with 7 bonuses worth $461

Get 7 exclusive in-depth handbooks for FREE
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An extensive list of command ideas and best practices for you to fine-tune your content and achieve your desired output with Expert Command.

Grab 7 Bonuses Worth $384 Now

SurgeGraph is all about on-page optimization — call us the advocate for on-page SEO, if you may.

But I wanted you to get the most out of your SurgeGraph subscription.

So, I decided to throw in not one, not two, but SIX free ebooks covering a wide range of topics from successful sales methods to link building.

And as a cherry on top, you also get a free Expert Command Cheatsheet containing an extensive list of custom command ideas and best practices to fine-tune your content to perfection.

Here’s everything you get for free with any subscription:

  • #Bonus 1

    Instant Sales Machine With Four Proven Methods

    Discover four tried-and-tested methods to optimize your website for increased sales and revenue

  • #Bonus 2

    The Essential Guide To Internal Link For Massive Traffic

    Learn everything you need to know about Internal Links and how it can drive significant traffic to your website

  • #Bonus 3

    A Guide To Google My Business Ranking

    Get the inside scoops about Local SEO and how to optimize it for increased business visibility

  • #Bonus 4

    Keyword Gap Analysis Handbook

    Find out how to close the gap between you and your competitors’ keyword ranking strategies

  • #Bonus 5

    Comprehensive Guide To Link Building

    Master everything about the world of link building from its history to recognizing the best kind of backlinks

  • #Bonus 6

    Never Underestimate The Influence Of SEO Writing

    Learn the best tips and tricks to writing SEO-optimized content that will rank in the top 10 of the SERPs

  • #Bonus 7

    Expert Command Cheatsheet (51 Command Ideas + 10 Best Practices)

    An extensive list of command ideas and best practices for you to fine-tune your content and achieve your desired output.

Ready to see your traffic SURGE?

Generate unlimited content across all plans for as low as $14.69.

Yes, we’re rewarding the market by offering one of the CHEAPEST solutions for long-form SEO content! It’s your BEST CHOICE for generating HIGH PERFORMANCE content without breaking the bank.

1 Month Plan



Flexible commitment. Ideal for those requiring long-form content on an as-needed basis.

30-days money-back guaranteed

36 Month Plan




Highest savings. Perfect for those requiring long-form content on a steady basis.

30-days money back guaranteed

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12 Month Plan



Balanced cost and commitment. Best for those needing constant long-form content.

30-days money back guaranteed

That’s right… for as low as $14.69 per month, generate as many words and content as you want.

Whether it’s 5 pieces or 50 pieces of long-form content, you’re paying PEANUTS compared to the hundreds of dollars you’ve been paying for writers and SEO tools for just one piece of content.

You might think…

“Wait a minute… this sounds too good to be true. By paying just $14.69, I can get UNLIMITED words? There’s gotta be a catch to this!”

Honestly? There’s no catch to it… well, except…

After spending months developing and fine-tuning Longform AI, I’m excited for people to get their hands on it and unleash its full potential.

But I know AI and SEO tools tend to lean on the pricier side, which is why I made accessibility a priority while building Longform AI.

I wanted it to be the most accessible AI writing platform out there.

So just for this launching, I’ve decided to absorb some of the operational costs and discounted it significantly.

Eventually, this move is most probably gonna bite me in the back till I can no longer sustain the cost.

But till then, SurgeGraph and Longform AI will be priced at what it is. Until when — I can’t promise.

So get your plan now, before the inevitable comes, and I gotta crank the pricing just a tad bit higher.

Choose Your Plan - As Low As $14.69/Mo

What the community says...

SurgeGraph Longform AI is changing the game, and our users are taking notice!

We've received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from different platform and it's heartening to see the impact we're making in the lives of our users.

Still not convinced? Here’s some FAQs

What makes Longform AI different from other AI writing tools on the market?

Different from other AI writing tools that solely depends on the GPT models, Longform AI is powered by a combination of GPT + 51 SERP data points + SurgeGraph’s own NLP algorithm. This lethal combination empowers Longform AI to generate long-form, SEO-optimized content made to rank high and drive traffic.

Why should I pay for Longform AI when ChatGPT is free?

With ChatGPT, you need to use excessive prompts and spend hours putting together chunks of paragraphs to form a wholesome piece of article. Not only that, you even have to spend money on SEO tools or agencies to optimize your content. Meanwhile with Longform AI, you get true long-form content with over 2,500 words that is also optimized for SEO. Ultimately, you’re saving hours of time and effort with Longform AI.

Which plan should I choose?

With our simple pricing structure, you get unlimited access across all features with all plans. If you’d like to take SurgeGraph for a spin before fully committing to it, the 1-month plan is perfect for you. If you need to frequently produce long-form content, the 12-month plan is a bang for your buck. If you’re looking for the highest savings and lowest cost, the 36-month plan offers you the best deal for the long-term.

Does SurgeGraph support custom prompts?

Absolutely! With Expert Command, you can run custom commands within SurgeGraph’s platform without resorting to other apps. The best thing is, Expert Command takes custom commands to the next level, different from the ones you're used to. Using advanced NLP techniques, it considers the context of your whole content before running your commands. This results in outputs like bullet lists, tables, FAQs, and paragraphs that are super relevant and fits into the rest of your content like a glove. Also, this means you have granular control over your whole content, allowing you to fine-tune your content so that it ticks all the right boxes.

How does SurgeGraph work?

SurgeGraph is designed to help you generate high-quality long-form content faster in order to climb the search ranking and drive more traffic to your website. We do this by ensuring that you always write optimized content per Google's preference, pick the most profitable keywords, and ensure that your website is contextually interlinked. With SurgeGraph's guided framework, you will save more time and increase the accuracy of your work. Ultimately, SurgeGraph streamlines your SEO workflow and helps you maximize your website's traffic potential.

How do I use Longform AI?

You start with your seed keyword and content description, and move on to building your outline — you can either get Longform AI to generate an in-depth outline for you, or create one yourself. Once you’ve got your outline, simply click on “Write For Me”, and Longform AI crafts a complete, long-form content based on your outline.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, we have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy in the first 30 days, just let us know, and we’ll give you back your money. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that. But if you are even the slightest bit worried about this, you can put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or get your money back. It’s as simple as that.

Are there any hidden fees or contract obligations?

There is no contract, and all plans can be cancelled or adjusted at any time.

Will Google penalize my content if it's AI generated?

Google has made it clear that it is not against AI-generated content. Therefore, no, your content will not be penalized by Google for being AI-generated. Rather than how it’s produced, Google has stated that it primarily focuses on the quality of the content — high quality and helpful content get rewarded, regardless of how it is produced. In line with Google’s guidelines, Longform AI is dedicated to help you write high-quality and in-depth long-form content.

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30-day money-back guarantee
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All SurgeGraph Plans Include:

Unlimited documents

Unlimited keyword research

Unlimited Planner projects

Unlimited word count (AI)NEW

30,000 bulk keyword research

Unlimited report export

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Content Writer
  • Unlimited documents

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  • Outline Builder
  • Top topic
  • Frequently linked
  • Popular questions
  • SERP analyzer
  • Contextual terms
  • Topic coverage
  • SEO suggestions
  • Content score
  • Grammarly integration
  • Autosaved text editor
  • Version history
  • Export (PDF, DOCX, HTML)
  • Export to WordPress
Longform AI
  • Unlimited word count
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Outline Builder
  • Write For Me
  • Next paragraph
  • Next sentence
  • Rewrite sentence
  • Simplify sentence
  • Expand sentence
  • Write with contextual terms
  • AI command
  • Autofill details to outline
  • Plagiarism checker
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  • Meta description generator
  • Auto optimize
  • Expert Command
Keyword Research
  • Unlimited keyword searches

  • Unlimited keyword returned

  • Bulk keyword research
  • SERP Analyzer
  • Topic clustering
  • Opportunity score (OS)
  • Keyword Difficulty (KD)
  • Search volume
  • Search volume trend
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Competition
  • Keyword intent
  • SERP content brief
  • Add keyword to planner
  • Search history
  • Export (CSV, PDF)
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited keyword mapper
  • Data overview
  • Export (PDF, WEBP)
  • Unlimited export
  • Multi locations and languages
  • White label report
  • Tutorials
Get these bonuses for FREE when you subscribe to any SurgeGraph plans!
  • Bonus 1: Instant Sales Machine With Four Proven Methods

  • Bonus 2: The Essential Guide To Internal Link For Massive Traffic

  • Bonus 3: A Guide To Google My Business Ranking

  • Bonus 4: Keyword Gap Analysis Handbook

  • Bonus 5: Comprehensive Guide To Link Building

  • Bonus 6: Never Underestimate The Influence Of SEO Writing

  • New: Expert Command Cheatsheet (51 Command Ideas + 10 Best Practices)



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