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“I’ve been managing 12 of my biggest clients with SurgeGraph. They totally love the results and white-label reports. I couldn’t have asked for more.”
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Chase LeRoy, SEO Writer

Seamless Keyword And Content Planning For Different Clients With White-Label Reporting

Keyword Research

keyword research

Choose the most profitable keywords for your clients

SurgeGraph Keyword Research gives you all the tools you’ll need to find the most profitable keywords for your clients.

Our proprietary Opportunity Score helps you discover low-hanging keywords for your clients to rank easily with minimal effort.

Show your client that you, too, are high ROI.

SERP Analyzer Image

serp analyzer

Gain insight into your clients’ niche by dissecting their top-ranking competitors

Get a deep understanding of your client’s niche with SERP Analyzer.

Unveil the secrets of their top-ranking competitors, study how they devise their content and structure their page, and use that knowledge to help your clients gain an insurmountable edge over their competitors.

Bulk keyword research image

bulk keyword research

Get keyword data for all your clients’ keywords in one click

Indecisive clients sending you an endless list of keywords to research? No problem. Bulk Keyword Data allows you to perform keyword research on up to 500 keywords at once.

Analyzing hundreds of your clients’ keywords is now a one-click operation.

Intent image


Fulfill the search intent of your clients’ target audience

Understanding your clients' audience's intent is crucial for a successful SEO campaign.

By integrating search intent analysis into every one of SurgeGraph's features, we ensure you have no problem matching your clients' audience intent in every part of your SEO workflow.

Content Silo Image

content silo

Seamlessly build your clients’ content silo

Keyword mapping or planning your clients’ content silo does not need to be a tedious spreadsheet chore.

Map your clients’ site structure visually with SurgeGraph Keyword Mapper intuitively and seamlessly.

You’ll never want to go back to spreadsheets after this.

Content Writer Example 1

Content writer

Salvage and reoptimize your client’s non-performing content with Content Writer

Have to repurpose or reoptimize your client’s non-performing content?

Simply import the old content into Content Writer, optimize them as per our suggestions, and see the content move up the SERP (and oh, don’t forget to see that smile on your client’s face).

Content Writer Example 2

Content Writer

Help your clients rank for multiple keywords in one piece of content

Your clients looking to rank for multiple keywords?

What if you don’t need multiple contents to do that? With Content Writer, you can target up to 3 closely related keywords in a single content. One stone, three birds!

Add keyword to planner image

Add keyword to planner

Unlimited projects for your ever-growing client list*

Messing up your clients’ work is not an option.

Easily categorize and organize your work in multiple different projects with SurgeGraph Planner.

*Unlimited projects are exclusive for the Premium and Agency plans.

White Label Report example in the App

White-label report

Strengthen your branding with customizable white-label reporting

By branding your SEO reports, you can add credibility, consistency, and recognition for your brand.

From keyword research, content writer, planner, to bulk keyword data, you can white-label all the reports in SurgeGraph and make them yours.

Impress your clients with SurgeGraph today!

We are confident that you would love SurgeGraph, which is why we are offering a 30-day money back guarantee.

If SurgeGraph is not what you expected it to be, just let us know within 30 days and we would give you a full refund.

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My client absolutely loved it when I rank their website #2 on SERP and doubled their traffic just by optimizing some of their older content.

10/10 would recommend.

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Sidney R.

Marketing Specialist

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