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  • Industry-leading Keyword Research
  • Effortless Content Planning
  • Write Great Content

“What I like about SURGEGraph, is that the team keeps up to date with content protocols, and the new version of the software has made it easier to find keywords that have low competition that you can use in your content.”


Find Perfect Low-Hanging Fruits With Keyword Research

  • Sort your keywords by Opportunity Score and identify keywords with the best ROI
  • Easily discover related keywords with Topic Clustering to identify topic groups that would best maximize your traffic
  • Analyze competitors with the SERP Analyzer and get an in-depth analysis on top-ranking content with just a click of a button

New features such as the Opportunity Score and SERP Analyzer lets me do keyword research and competitor analysis effortlessly. Love it!

Janet Park, E-Commerce Writer

Write And Optimize Ranking Content With Semantic Writer

  • Score your content by benchmarking them against top-ranking content and tweak your content with to your desired score with optimization suggestions
  • Target the accurate audience by building better context for your content with Contextual Terms
  • Discover content ideas and gain insights into your target traffic with Popular Questions

The new content scoring and suggestion works wonders in re-optimizing my non-performing content.

Logan S., Health Blogger

Strategize Content To Target The Right Audience With Planner

  • Evaluate and organize your favorite keywords, select high-quality, relevant keywords with Keyword Management
  • Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Drag and drop keywords in the Keyword Mapper to plan out your content silo
  • Get the latest overview of your keyword map with Data Overview. Plan and gauge the potential of content silo in real-time

Being able to plan my content has vastly improved my internal linking strategy, I can say confidently that my website has never been more user friendly.

Kumar R., SEO Specialist & Blogger

Maximize Research Efficiency With Bulk Keyword Research

  • Maximize efficiency and save time by researching up to 500 keywords with Bulk Keyword Data
  • Effortlessly add your favorite keywords to the Planner with seamless integration between features
  • Say goodbye to manually inputting each keyword, drop your CSV file and have them Imported automatically for your bulk keyword research

Having to do keyword research for multiple clients would be impossible without bulk keyword research. Being able to export my results with white-label reporting is also a big plus.

Kevin Steiner, Technical SEO Specialist

How SurgeGraph works

Outrank the competition, gain maximum visibility, and boost organic traffic today

Step 1

Research keywords

Find the best keywords for your content with our proprietary keyword suggestion algorithm.

Step 2

Plan keywords

Effortlessly plan your content silo. Simply drag and drop them onto the drawing board.

Step 3

Write content

Write great content with real-time content scoring and suggestions.

"Keyword Research made easy"

Choosing the right keyword is something that I have always struggled with. With the recent updates and especially the introduction of the Opportunity Score system, made it much easier to choose keywords that are perfect for my content.

Olga Stepanenko

Head of Content & SEO Consultant
“Don’t knock it till you try it”

Decided to try out SURGEGraph due to the 30-day money-back guarantee. Haven’t looked back ever since. It is not only fun but also a must-have tool in my SEO toolkit.

Darren K.

Senior Digital Marketer
“An increase to more than 120,000 monthly traffic”

Doing my keyword research using SURGEGraph worked wonders for my client. I was able to boost my client’s traffic to more than 120,00 monthly thanks to the Opportunity Score. Thank you SURGEGraph team!


SEO Writer
“A great tool for a beginner like me”

I Just started learning about SEO for my blog. I like the tools they offer, such as keyword research, keyword mapping, and semantic writer. But the two functions that definitely stand out for me are the keyword research’s opportunity score and the writer’s content analysis & suggestions.

Vincent N.

Content Blogger
“Simple and easy to use”

Tried several different keyword research tools. Lsi graph is by far the easiest to use with its user-friendly interface. And with the subscription pricing, a fraction of what other tools cost, it is definitely something that is worth having in your keyword research arsenal.

Carmen Brown

Marketing Analyst
“Delightful experience with the SURGEGraph team”

It is a very comprehensive tool for keyword research. But what has kept me on the platform is how responsive the team is to feedback and suggestion. The SURGEGraph team were quick to address my problems and keyword exporting issue. Thank you team!

Jessica Lee

Content Manager

Ready to speed up your research?

After giving SURGEGraph a try, if you’re not completely satisfied within 30-days of purchase, just shoot us an email, and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

  • No extra cost
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 100% secure payment

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