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Here’s What You Get By Becoming An Affiliate

Uncapped 30% Commission

You earn a 30% commission per successful referral and renewal, with no cap on how much you can earn

Promotional Materials

Save your time coming up with marketing materials. You’ll be providedbanners, graphics, images, copy, and moreto help you promote SurgeGraph.

Affiliate Dashboard

Easily keep track of your referrals and earnings by accessing your affiliate dashboard.

Customer Resources

Don't worry about the technicalities. Simply direct your referrals to our website, which has an extensive list of tutorials to answer their burning questions.

Easily earn a steady stream of income.
Scale it once your referrals grow.

You earn a 30% commission per subscription. If it's a recurring subscription, you'll be compensated every time a plan renews. To give you an idea of just how much you can earn, here's a quick example:

MonthNew SubscriptionsTotal SalesCommissionTotal
1-Month Plan12-Month Plan36-Month Plan

For every new subscription of the 1-Month Plan, you'll earn

up to

For every new subscription of the 36-Month Plan, you'll earn

Plus, there’s NO LIMIT to how much you can earn.
The MORE you promote, the HIGHER the subscription and the better your payout.

“If you do SEO content, this tool is for you!”

SurgeGraph is a far cry from any other AI writers on the market. Not only is it extremely accessible in terms of price, but it's built specifically to develop SEO content.

Also, the level of customization over the content itself within the AI writer is simply amazing. Never have I been able to set talking points and guide the AI writer by asking additional questions and even feeding it additional links/websites to use as a reference. You can also customize each heading with unique keywords and terms.

Honestly, if you do SEO content, this tool is for you.

Matt F., Freelance SEO & Content Specialist

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First, you need tocreate an accountwith us (It's free!). We need some details, but we promise it'll be quick and easy.

2. Promote

Advertise your unique affiliate link on your website, social media, YouTube channel or podcast with high organic traffic to increase the chances of successful referrals.

3. Earn

You’ll earn a 30% commission 45 days after a referral subscribes to SurgeGraph using your link. We’ll either PayPal or wire transfer it to your bank account every 45 days.

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