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SurgeGraph is used by thousands of business owners, marketers, and SEO specialists to grow their business. We help pages to climb the rankings and gain traffic through keyword research, content mapping, and content optimization.
Here’s What You Get By Becoming An Affiliate
Benefit:Uncapped 30% Commission

Uncapped 30% Commission

You earn a 30% commission per successful referral and renewal, with no cap on how much you can earn.

Benefit:Promotional Material

Promotional Materials

Save your time coming up with marketing materials. You'll be provided banners, graphics, images, copy, and more to help you promote SurgeGraph.

Benefit:Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate Dashboard

Easily keep track of your referrals and earnings by accessing your affiliate dashboard.

Benefit:Customer Resources

Customer Resources

Don't worry about the technicalities. Simply direct your referrals to our website, which has an extensive list of tutorials to answer their burning questions.

Easily earn a steady stream of income.
Scale it once your referrals grow.

You earn a 30% commission per subscription. If it's a recurring subscription, you'll be compensated every time a plan renews.
To give you an idea of just how much you can earn, here's a quick example:

MonthNew SubscriptionsLifetime dealsTotal SalesCommissionTotal Earnings
Every new customer subscribe to a monthly plan,
you'll earn
up to
Every new customer purchasing a lifetime plan,
you'll earn
Plus, there’s NO LIMIT to how much you can earn.
The MORE you promote, the HIGHER the subscription and the better your payout.
“Keyword research should be easy to use yet full of pertinent information without the bloat. Most SEO keyword research tools fail to give you this experience. SurgeGraph's UI/UX is a 10+ as I can find the data I need to provide a quick keyword analysis to potential clients, yet awesome enough to be my go-to tool for monthly reporting to my big clients!”
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Frequently Asked Question

How do I sign up?


Do I need to pay to sign up for the affiliate program?


Not at all. It doesn’t cost you anything to join our affiliate program. We pay you, not the other way around.

Do I need to be an active subscriber of SurgeGraph?


You don’t have to, but it will certainly help you promote us if you do. Plus, you can also optimize your content and gain more traffic along the way :)

Does my referral need to subscribe immediately upon clicking the link?


Nope. Our cookie stays for 60 days, so you'll receive your commission as long as they subscribe within this time frame after clicking on your link.

When and how will I be paid?


You’ll see your commission credited to your account 45 days after a successful subscription. Once you’ve reached the threshold of $100, we will transfer your earnings through PayPal or wire it to your bank account every 45 days.

What happens if a customer cancels their subscription before 30 days?


Unfortunately, you won’t receive the commission for a canceled subscription due to our 30-day money-back guarantee. However, you can always make up for canceled subscriptions with new referrals.

How do I know whether my referral has been successful?


After setting up your account, you’ll have access to a dashboard where you can easily keep track of your successful referrals and earnings.

Are there any restrictions to how I advertise my affiliate link?


Yes. To be considered valid referrals, kindly do not:
- Advertise the link on coupon websites
- Promote the link using PPC advertising with a direct link to our website
- Use SurgeGraph’s name, brand or logo in PPC advertising
- Provide misleading and incorrect information such as fake discounts, wrong pricings, etc
- Do self-referral, where you subscribe to SurgeGraph using your own link

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