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“I’ve always thought you have to be an SEO expert to find the perfect keywords, but SurgeGraph proved me wrong. You don’t need years of SEO know-how when you have SurgeGraph” –Liam

Opportunity Score

Easily find high ROI keywords

SurgeGraph’s proprietary Opportunity Score finds you keywords that you can rank for with the least effort .

We crunch all the important metrics and tell you the low-hanging keywords (so you don’t have to.)

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Long-Tail Keywords

Capitalize on long-tail keywords

Never again miss out on long-tail keywords with SurgeGraph long-tail filter. Longer and more specific keywords are immensely valuable as users searching for them are much closer to the point of purchase.

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Topic Clustering

Save time on keyword clustering

SurgeGraph automatically clusters your keywords into different respective topics. With SurgeGraph, you no longer need to spend hours grouping your keywords mindlessly on a spreadsheet.

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Search Intent Analysis

Always pick highly-relevant keywords

Match your audience’s search intent without fail. SurgeGraph tells you the intent of every keyword, so you can always be confident that your content are hitting the right note.

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Keyword Difficulty

Immediately know the keyword difficulty

Find out at a glance how difficult it is to rank for certain keywords. Use the information to decide on the best keywords to target.

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Add To Planner

Seamlessly Add Keywords to Planner

Immediately add your favorite keywords to Planner, and map them with Keyword Mapper. Keyword Research seamlessly integrates with Planner to give you a smooth SEO planning workflow.

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“One of the objectives of a business is to get results: traffic, engagement and leads…SurgeGraph’s keyword research lets you do just that.”

Wendy H.
SEO Specialist
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