Easily manage and map your keywords and content silo

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Intuitively manage and map your keywords

“I used to spend hours doing keyword mapping. With SurgeGraph's Planner, I have now ditched the spreadsheets, and mapping my keywords has never been easier!” –Amy

Keyword Management

Your favorite keywords in one place

See all your favorite keywords alongside key SEO metrics like search intent, volume and difficulty.

An overview panel on the left summarizes all the data from your saved keywords. Immediately evaluate the SEO of your project with a glance.

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Keyword Mapper

A visually overhauled keyword mapping

Quickly iterate on your content silo without having to waste hours on spreadsheets. Layout your keywords as relationship links; think of it as a mindmap for your keywords!

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Map Your Site

Maximize your site structure potential traffic

Structure your site based on your keyword map. Identify any missing content for target keywords, discover new linking opportunities and find new points of entry to capitalize on.

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Data Overview

See your silo's data in real time

Data Overview summarizes your content silo's SEO data, so you do not need to tally them yourself. The data updates in real-time to give you the latest overview as you update your keyword map.

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Content Planning

Seamlessly manage your SEO content

Easily manage all your SEO content in a single place. Store your favorite keywords and maps in individual documents. Hop between projects without losing a beat or keyword!

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Notes And Labels

Annotate and never ask “what’s this?” again

Never miss any important ideas and plans with Keyword Mapper’s extensive annotation toolset. Add a description to each keyword and label every connection.

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“To the team at SurgeGraph… THANK YOU for including this feature!!Keyword Mapper totally changed how I design and build my websites!”

Angelika Ivanov
Content Director
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