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Revolutionizing SEO With AI Writing

With SurgeGraph, growing your organic traffic is made faster with SEO-powered AI writing backed by industry-leading keyword research and internal link planning.

Content Writing & Optimization

Generate optimized long-form content in minutes

Longform Content Writing

Speed up content production by generating optimized long-form content in minutes

Keyword Mapping & Content Silo

Maximize your traffic potential with strategic keyword mapping

Keyword Research

Skyrocket your ranking with the power of profitable keywords

Agency Solution

Manage, write, and share multiple SEO projects with your clients with while-label reports

Longform AI is made for everyone

No matter who you are, Longform AI has something for you


Create SEO-optimized content that ranks high on search engines

Business Owners

Grow your business with high-ranking content that boosts your visibility

Freelance Writer

Write better articles faster and take on even more projects


Streamline your client’s workflow and help them reach their targets faster


Craft content that attracts and converts more traffic to increase conversions


Accelerate your blog growth by publishing a high volume of engaging blog posts

Trusted by 500+ Marketers

4.8 rating

“Freaking awesome tool — a must-have for keyword research and content creator”

Everything is well and easy to use, even for beginners. The output of keywords and especially the "missing keywords" to rank better than your competitors is insane. Support was very responsive and helpful. I have many keyword research tools, but SurgeGraph is my first weapon to find low-hanging fruits and write better ranking content. It's an all-in-one place, like a swiss army knife for better content creating.

I highly recommend SurgeGraph 👍


"The best parts of many SEO content tools rolled into one platform!"

Everything is well thought out. The speed of the platform makes for a great user experience. The interface is snappy and responsive, and the data is pulled pretty quickly compared to other tools I've used.

SurgeGraph offers a seamless and intuitive workflow that allows users to move easily from keyword research to content creation and optimization — all without ever leaving SurgeGraph.

Jeremy W., Creative Director

“Pleasant experience & stellar results with SurgeGraph”

It used to be only a keyword research tool, but after the upgrade, I find myself using their content writer more and more to optimize my articles. The results after a couple of months? Of course, not all of them are in the top 3; but a huge chunk of them are safely in the top 20 and sometimes even the top 5 range. I would say this is stellar performance for the niche I am in.

Dee Robinson

"Excellent Keyword Research and Content Strategy Tool"

Being an SEO professional, I used SurgeGraph to inspire contextual terms. However, they (very) quickly improved the entire platform and now it's a go-to tool for most of my content-related projects. Their keyword research tool and A.I. writing assistant provide invaluable information when planning or developing content from an SEO perspective.

Matt F., Freelance SEO & Content Specialist

"All you need for perfect article writing"

The support team is very helpful and ready to help with suggestions 1 to 1. SurgeGraph allows many ways to do keyword research and dig through the beget long-tail keywords that can be used to get extra ranking and traffic. It also includes a very powerful writing tool that allows you to create blog articles perfectly on topic. In addition, SurgeGraph also has an incredible keyword mapping tool that is perfect to organize internal linking and keywords clusters, to maximize the results on the SERP.

Francesco M., CEO

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